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Currently in the UK there are 13million women going through the menopause and 3.5million women over 50 are part of the country’s active workforce. Menopause is not only an age or gender issue, but also a diversity, inclusivity and economic issue that all employers should acknowledge and address. Investing in menopause care is a win-win for all, where employers and the society as a whole can benefit from the valuable contribution, women can make when they are supported well during this stage of life.

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in Perimenopause and Menopause – 1hr live or online training. 

Price on request. This training aims to raise awareness about the impact of menopause on mental health and offers a brief overview of strategies that women can use to overcome the psychological challenges caused by the transition through this stage of life. We can provide other flexible and highly customised training content, tailored to your staff’s needs and if you are a manager or business owner looking to provide your staff with Mental Health and Menopause awareness training, please contact us to discuss your team’s needs.


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