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Overcome the emotional challenges caused by the menopausal transition by harnessing the power of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

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"How to Reclaim your GLOW"

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Rediscover joy and cultivate a deep sense of wellbeing for a vibrant and thriving life.  Download our tips for "How to Get your GLOW back in Menopause".


Do you feel like the peri/menopause has hijacked your life, body and mind? 

Is the menopause disrupting your life, making you feel like you're just barely getting by?

At Menopause CBT Clinic®, we understand these challenges. We're here to empower you to restore your confidence and rediscover your zest for life during the menopause. 

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Menopause CBT Clinic

Reclaiming emotional wellbeing in peri/menopause with EMBERS® 

Are you ready to rediscover joy, personal growth, and a deep sense of wellbeing while embracing optimism and tapping into your inner wisdom for a vibrant and thriving life?

Our unique EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model can empower you to harness your body and mind by providing practical tools to manage mood, anxiety, sleep, and to map out a path to finding YOU again. 

Menopause CBT Clinic EMBERS

I can only describe Simona’s EMBERS® Programme as life changing as I came to her at such a low point due to the impact that perimenopause had on my mental health. The positive impact of our sessions has been incredible offering tools and strategies that have allowed me to move past, what has been, one of the worst time in my life.

Emma - 45yo

The EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model is a holistic psychological framework developed by the Menopause CBT Clinic®. This model integrates the latest knowledge in the field of menopause, third wave CBT, Positive Psychology, neuroscience and behavioural science to support the specific psychological needs of women going through the peri/menopausal transition.

EMBERS® is designed to help women get back in the driving seat and start feeling their best.

Get your GLOW back and discover the power of EMBERS®.

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Menopause CBT Clinic

Therapy for Women

Are you ready to unlock your confidence and wellbeing during the peri/menopause by experiencing the transformative power of the EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model?

Then explore the Therapy page. 

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Menopause CBT Clinic

Training for Professionals

Are you interested in boosting your knowledge and confidence to support women's mental health during the peri/menopausal journey with EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model?

Then review pages on Training for Professionals and NHS Providers

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Track sleep, nutrition, movement, relaxation, relationships, and self. Uncover the ripple effect of lifestyle changes, empowering you to enhance wellbeing.

Our partnership enables all website visitors to enjoy complimentary access to WAVESiX, providing a valuable tool to kickstart your personal wellness monitoring. Begin today and take the first steps towards understanding and improving how you feel during the menopausal transition.  

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Disclaimer: Before downloading the WAVESiX app, please be aware that its usage is entirely at your own discretion and responsibility. While recommended for your wellbeing, Menopause CBT Clinic® and WAVESiX are not liable for any consequences resulting from your use of the app. Please read WAVESiX full disclaimer to understand your rights and responsibilities.  Read T&Cs here. 

I do not even think I can find the words to explain how Simona has helped me and how the tools that she taught me are still helping me now 6 months after my last meeting with her. Get help, I did, and I will never let myself try and handle things alone again.

Susan - 49yo

I’m Simona Stokes, Menopause Counselling Psychologist and the Founder of Menopause CBT Clinic®. 

Menopause CBT Clinic, Simona Stokes

The Menopause CBT Clinic® was born out of my deeply held belief that all women who enter the peri/menopause stage of life should be prepared and equipped to embrace it with confidence and self-belief in their own strength and wisdom. 

My mission is to help women overcome their emotional difficulties caused by the menopause transition, by combining my over 20years experience in mental health with the latest knowledge in the field of menopause, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, neuroscience and behavioural science. My menopause work is infused with learning from my own personal peri/menopausal struggles, melded with my clinical and life experience. 


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