Menopause CBT Training for NHS Providers

Menopause-Informed CBT Training for NHS Providers


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Menopause CBT Clinic EMBERS for NHS Providers

EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model is a comprehensive evidence-based psychological framework developed by the Menopause CBT Clinic®.  

The EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT model is grounded in the understanding that unlocking the potential of CBT for women undergoing menopause requires an in-depth knowledge of the hormonal changes inherent in this life phase and their effects on the body, brain, and mind. Recognising this complexity enables mental health practitioners to adapt their strategies to address the distinct challenges presented by menopause. This specialised approach represents an adaptation of conventional CBT techniques tailored to align with the context and challenges of menopause. 


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The Power of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT)

While CBT does not directly address hormonal depletion, it can significantly contribute to easing a range of psychological symptoms. This is especially crucial for women who cannot or will not take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and those who, despite HRT, still struggle with emotional difficulties associated with menopause.

Addressing the psychological dimension of menopause is crucial, and CBT is endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines (NICE) and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), recognised as the 'go-to' talking therapy for managing emotional difficulties during the menopausal transition.

Menopause CBT Clinic
Menopause CBT Clinic

Menopause and Mental Health

Over the past few years, menopause has become a trending topic, with increasing research indicating that menopause is not just a hormonal event but a neurological and psychological transition with profound implications for the brain and mind, influencing emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. 

Beyond Age and Gender

Menopause is not only an age or gender issue but also a diversity, inclusivity, equity, and economic issue. Investing in menopause training for staff is a win-win for all - women, practitioners, employers, and society as a whole.

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Menopause CBT Clinic
Menopause CBT Clinic EMBERS CBT Model

The Menopause CBT Clinic® is here to assist you in training your teams in EMBERS®, the Menopause-Informed CBT Model. We can help your clinical teams broaden their understanding of emotional difficulties induced by hormonal changes during the menopausal transition and provide them with evidence-based tools to help women regain emotional wellbeing during this stage of life. 

EMBERS® incorporates third-wave CBT approaches like ACT, CFT, and MBCT tailored to the menopause context. Drawing insights from neuroscience and lifestyle medicine, it enables a nuanced and holistic approach, supporting self-compassion, fostering acceptance, regulating emotions, and facilitating behavioural change to help women navigate the challenges of menopause. 

For NHS Services who want to adopt the EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model in their clinical services, we are offering a Certification Training Pathway. 

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Menopause CBT Clinic

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Menopause CBT Clinic

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Menopause CBT Clinic

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Contact us to explore how EMBERS® can equip your clinicians with a deeper understanding of working with this client group and improve the services your team delivers to women going through the menopausal journey.

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I’m Simona Stokes, Menopause Counselling Psychologist and the Founder of the Menopause CBT Clinic®. 

Menopause CBT Clinic, Simona Stokes

The Menopause CBT Clinic® was born out of my deeply held belief that all women who enter the peri/menopause stage of life should be prepared and equipped to embrace it with confidence and self-belief in their own strength and wisdom. 

My mission is to help women overcome their emotional difficulties caused by the menopause transition, by combining my over 20years experience in mental health with the latest knowledge in the field of menopause, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, neuroscience and behavioural science. My menopause work is infused with learning from my own personal peri/menopausal struggles, melded with my clinical and life experience.