EMBERS® – A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) evidence based psychological model for Menopause

embers menopause-informed cbt training
EMBERS® Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Menopause

If you are looking for help for the physical and psychological side of the menopause, various approaches such as HRT and lifestyle modifications can definitely help. However, if you want an additional or alternative option to enable you to regain your emotional wellbeing, a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you address the psychological side of this major life change we – all women – go through sometime half-way through our lives.

CBT is recognised as an effective treatment for emotional difficulties like depression, anxiety, irritability, sleep problems, low self-esteem and confidence, and it can be used successfully in supporting you learn strategies to cope with the emotional and mental health symptoms caused by the peri/menopause.

Based on my clinical knowledge of different theories and evidence based psychological interventions, I have developed a model, called EMBERS®, which is a holistic and non-hormonal approach aimed at providing psychological support to women facing emotional challenges during the menopausal transition. This model encompasses six key areas of wellbeing, each of which plays a critical role in helping women regain control over their life, body, and mind.

EMBERS® stands not only as a metaphor for the way women may feel during this phase but also is an acronym for the key areas of wellbeing that need addressing so women can get back control over their life, body and mind.

The model offers a structured path through the six key areas of wellbeing, each of which addresses specific aspects of a woman's experience during this life transition:

  1. Essentials: The EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model places a strong emphasis on restoring balance in the body. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools, lifestyle adjustments, and practices like breathwork, movement, diet, rest, and recreation are integrated to provide a comprehensive approach to women's health.
  2. Mind and Mindset: Unhelpful thought patterns often amplify emotional challenges during menopause. The EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model acknowledges this and equips women with strategies to manage unhelpful thought patterns contributing to anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, and anger.
  3. Becoming: Many women find that re-evaluating personal life priorities and goals during menopause is crucial for fostering a new sense of purpose and meaning. This quest is addressed through the "Becoming" aspect of the model.
  4. Emotional Fitness: Emotional resilience is essential in coping with common menopausal feelings like anxiety, irritability, anger, and sadness. The EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model provides strategies to build emotional fitness effectively.
  5. Relationships: Nurturing connections and intimacy, along with developing "social fitness," is an integral part of the thriving during the menopause. The EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT Model focuses on supporting women to cultivate these aspects, contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing.
  6. Shape-up (Resolve in our actions): Identifying areas in need of change and teaching strategies for boosting motivation, commitment, and the ability to initiate and sustain these changes are key components of the model.

The model aims to provide a targeted approach, ensuring women receive the specific support they need to overcome emotional difficulties during the menopausal transition. The ultimate goal of EMBERS® is to empower women to thrive and embrace life with joy, optimism, and wisdom.

By using the EMBERS® Menopause-Informed CBT framework, women can unlock the GLOW:
· G - Growth, emotional and psychological
· L - Loving life, themselves, and others
· O - Optimism and hope
· W - Wisdom, wonder, and wellbeing

By harnessing the power of EMBERS® we can help women ignite their GLOW during the menopausal transition and beyond.

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Embracing Change! Transforming with Kindness!


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